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Our challenge at Crossbrook is to provide you with good service, but also the most comprehensive insurance cover possible at a competitive price. Nowadays we compete with comparison websites, supermarkets, direct and internet only insurers. Here are some of the differences between them and us for you to consider when looking for the "cheapest" policy.

Who are you dealing with?

We are a family business, have been established since 1953 and therefore have over 60 years experience in the insurance market. We offer direct contact with one of our team either by telephone, face-to-face or e-mail.
Internet companies were only founded in the last few years and therefore have only a very limited experience in the insurance market and can only offer impersonal contact with staff in call centres by telephone or e-mail only.

Who can help you with advice?

We have a specialist quotation team with over 100 years experience between them and will provide you with an accurate quotation based on the information given including any advice required on an advised sale basis.
Internet companies rely on you to provide the answers required to obtain a quotation and cannot give you any advice or answer any questions that you have and therefore only offer quotations based on a non advised sale basis.

Check the excess and policy terms

We will quote you the total excess you will pay in the event of a claim whether this is voluntary or compulsory and for motor insurance any young or inexperienced drivers excess’s. We will also point out and tell you about any terms that apply to your policy or type of vehicle.
Internet companies will often quote you a voluntary excess and there may also be a compulsory excess which needs to be added. For motor insurance you will need to read the small print to find out if any further excess’s apply to any young or inexperienced drivers and any terms apply to your vehicle.

Check the administration charges

We do not advertise, but obtain business by recommendation or word of mouth only and therefore we have either no or very small adjustment fees for mid-term, temporary adjustments or at renewal of the policy to cover administration costs. We do not charge you extra for paying your premium by credit or debt card. 
Internet companies rely on television, newspaper, magazine and radio advertising to obtain their business and therefore they have very high adjustment fees for mid-term, temporary adjustments or at renewal of the policy to cover advertising and administration costs. They sometimes charge up to 5% for payment by credit or debit card.

Who can help in the event of a claim?

We have a dedicated Claims Manager that will personally look after you and your claim once it has been reported to your insurance company. For motor policies we use approved repairers who use manufacturer’s parts for repair and provide courtesy cars or vans. We also give you free legal cover and in the event of a non fault claim to provide you with a like-for-like courtesy car or van.
Internet companies have a claims line number to any number of staff at call centres (many abroad) and calls are often charged at a premium rate. For motor policies they may use repairers who use second hand or patent parts for repair and do not always provide courtesy cars or vans. They offer legal cover and this will usually be at an extra cost and will not necessarily provide you with a courtesy car or van.

Who offers more benefits?

For motor insurance we offer full UK and European breakdown cover including home start and recovery and most of our motor policies also cover you to drive abroad and include the driving other cars extension.
Internet companies also offer breakdown cover which sometimes only covers roadside assistance. They may only give you Third Party Only cover when you drive abroad and the driving other cars extension is not always included. 



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