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We can offer 2 types of young driver insurance.

Our first policy covers you if you already own a vehicle manufactured after 2008 (Intelligent Marmalade) and our second policy which combines a car purchase scheme with cash back (Young Marmalade).


Intelligent Marmalade incorporates technology to help young drivers stay safe on the roads. More importantly, it allows young drivers to review how they are driving and adjust their behaviour accordingly.

A motion sensor will pick up key data such as cornering, acceleration, braking and speed and using sophisticated technology simply displays this data to the driver and a parent in an easy to read format.



Young Marmalade works on the basis that if young drivers are driving a newer car with better safety equipment, they are more proud of it, will drive more safely and have fewer accidents.

Not only does it provide access to cheaper insurance, but it also has a mechanism in place to help towards the cost for the first year premium. It buys many new cars and receives significant support from manufacturers, which is passed on as cash back.

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